Saturday, January 12, 2008

what's with the world of scandal?

Scandal is an event of wrong-doing, disgrace, or moral outrage which is publicized and damages reputation of the person or organization involved. Classes of scandal are:

  • political scandal
  • sex scandal
  • academic scandal
  • sporting scandal (especially Olympic Games scandal)
(sources: wikipedia and wiktionary)

Scandal is everywhere. One can found it on the internet, school, neighborhood, office, parks, tv shows, government, and anywhere where there is something wrong going on. Most of the time, when people hear the word scandal, they immediately think of a sex scandal. What's with the world today that it is already full of scandals? These are the things that poison the mind of our children. Things now are getting dangerous which makes me think that there is no safe place to live in. But also, for me, scandals also bring good thing because it serve as an eye-opener to the things that we should not do or follow. Children must be guided in order to understand these issues so that they will not be misled.
These scandals brings us to a realization that we are the creators of our own actions and if we are concern of our children's future then we should shift to making good scandals. Example of these is stepping down from your position as a president of a big company in order to help and feed the poor, turning away from your famous school group to join the discussion of human rights violation and how to stop it, anything that will make people think that your doing odd but for the eyes of God its a good way of exercising your being human.

What's the world of scandal for you?

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