Sunday, January 20, 2008


This morning my mom told me to read the thing about my eldest bro’s field trip. I can’t help but cry because I am mad of what I’ve discovered. They permitted him to go and pay the expense. I’m mad because they’ve told us to save our money for the coming April and May because we might have no money since my dad will process some paper for their next project and it might take time. My mom even told us that I and my elder brother might not take our summer classes because of that. And now they’ll spend money for the field trip and I and my elder brother will not take summer. What the hell is this? This is really unfair and I’m really MAD and ANGRY about this matter. I’m not only thinking for myself but I’m also thinking of my elder brother since he is already very late on some of the subjects that he should’ve take long ago.

I really can’t help but to be MAD!!!


HeLL DweLLerS said... need to be angry...just live life to the fullest k...although i am pity for you but i think there are some reasons for why the do that? So i hope u won't be angry no more. Just be happy.

Anonymous said...

hello, kai

its ok..i understand..sometimes or maybe always mother's are always like that...maybe lets try to understand them...and the more you understand her the more you will see that he is working things out...and know you will know your mother well....take it positively you dont know...miracles work...both you and gibson can have your summer just take time... take care always..and god bless