Saturday, November 22, 2008

Compiz on Intrepid Ibex

I have successfully activated compiz on ubuntu 8.10 that I have and I'm so happy about it. Install it by going to the synaptic manager and choose the one with compiz manager and whoala, 3D animation and other compiz features can now be use by your pc. I really love it. I was also able to change each desktop background on every workspaces, which I found here.

Gmail Theme!

The other day when I was reading my emails, something caught my eye: a red note at the upper left corner of my screen. I became curious when it said about having email themes...and it's the first time I've heard about Gmail I ride on the link and deliver me to the setting. I first tried the candy theme but I was not satisfied so I then tried cherry blossom and I liked it...Compare to yahoo, which monochromatic in themes, Gmail is so awesome to integrate customization of different flavors and likes of the consumer who loves not just the color, but the overall design.

Fast Cash on the Internet!

It is amazing to find an assistance on this virtual world where it is fast and easy; take note, it is a financial assistance which we all need. It is rare to have a borrowed money overnight. Meaning, applying today for loan, tomorrow it will be delivered to you. Whoa! Awesome!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Virtual Bread Assistance

Financial matters are really a headache, especially if it something urgent and we can't call someone to provide if for us. Exploring the internet is good, that's why cash assistance over the virtual world might be a good solution for you.
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Intrepid Ibex - Ubuntu 8.10

Today, before noon, I have successfully installed Ubuntu 8.10 after trying twice. I used a bootable USB to do it. I then customize the theme into pink one and change the wallpaper and panels...hehe I'm going back again to this nice-than-windows OS because it has plenty of features and advantages than the monopolized one.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mp3 Buyer’s Guide

Having troubles and worries on buying mp3 is common to us. We sometimes don’t know if what we are going to buy will satisfy us, last long, or has good quality. But there is mp3 player buyer’s guide that can surely help you. You will learn the things you need to know in buying and having a durable mp3.

Since you love listening to songs, you can choose apple ipod, Microsoft zune, flash mp3 player, sandisk mp3 player, iriver mp3 player, archos mp3 players, creative mp3 player, sony mp3 player, and tons of mp3 players. You can also be suggested with the top brands mp3 players and the best mp3 players which will surely satisfy your questions. You can also be guided on the hardware and software compatibility of your mp3.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Samsung F480 Tocco

iPhone is now very popular. But if you want to be different from the current fad, you may want to have Samsung F480. This cool Samsung F480 Tocco is a fully functional touch screen mobile phone that will change you to loving Samsung. It is a 2.8” display touch screen phone with Haptic feedback which makes it’s user interface light and easy to work with.

F480 tocco is a fully touch user interface phone with Widgets. The Widgets would allow you to change or customize icons for your homepage, and it can freely be move around the screen. Its camera is a 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. F480 tocco has a superfast 3G HSDPA at 7.2 Mbps, class 12 EDGE, and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP for wireless headphones. You must not worry of bulkiness since it is only 11.5mm.

There are a lot of mobile phones, but this first touch screen phone from Samsung is really different from iPhone. It has cool features which you can only find in this Samsung F480 Tocco. You can really boast this one to your friend and be unique. This is surely a lovable one. Remember that it is cool to be different.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!

Hi y'all...I'm here again and I'm school year, new challenges...hope you could all hang on me...hehe keep smiling u all...i'll keep on updating my blogs now starting with my theme..hehe but of course it will still be pink..hehe :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hardships…hardships…and SUCCESS…

For the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights, cups of coffee, and pimples. I’ve also disregarded my health. I didn’t think of what will happen to my body because of those unhealthy practices. All of these because of our project in System Analysis and Design (I’m an IT student by the way…). Because of these, I was also unable to take care of my relationship with my friends and special friend. I really had hell weeks. But God didn’t leave me. He was always there for me. He guided, supported, and loved me. Our first defense was a failure. Our system lacks a lot of things. Fortunately, my groupmate’s boyfriend help us (God is so good!!! He sends angel to help us…). And after the sleepless nights and unhealthy practices, today at around 12nn we received our most awaited “PASSED”. I nearly cried because of joy because finally we will not worry anymore about SAD and no more SAD (but we still have our thesis to finish). I really thank God, my parents, friends, and most especially Prenzy, Gian, Jaque, and Harvey. Thank God. He really rained me with so many blessings.

By the way, I’ll be going home to my hometown at Mangagoy, Surigao del Sur to spend my summer with my family and dogs. Though I will not take my summer classes, which makes me an irregular student, its fine with me coz I’ll be spending my special moments with my family which is more important. I’ll be back on the last week of May or first week of June. So if you have some message for me, just leave it here by posting a comment on this blog…God bless…take care…

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hi everyone...i'm out of town so i'll not be able to read your messages...but i promise you that i'll read you messages as soon as possible...i'm with my family right now here in at the province...have a great vacation...

just leave your messages through giving a comment on this message..ty :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't know about you, but I have yet to see God do anything the way I thought He would before He did it. Who would have thought God would chose a barren old woman to be the mother of one of the earliest and greatest prophets? But God chose Hannah. Who would have thought God would pick the youngest son of an obscure Jew, the one no one even thought to bring before Samuel, to be the King? But God chose David. Who would have thought God would send His only son to be the child of a carpenter and his young bride, to be born in a stable, and to die an agonizing death on the cross to save us from our sins? But God sent Jesus. Who would have thought God would choose a loud-mouthed, pushy, spineless fisherman who spent more time with his foot in his mouth than out to be one of His disciples and one of the great leaders of the early church? But God chose Peter. Who would have thought that God would choose a man whose sole mission in life was to destroy Christians and Christianity to not only be an Apostle and to take the gospel to the Gentiles, but to also write nearly half of our New Testament? But God chose Paul.

When you think about it, God is continually going against what is “natural,” what is “logical,” what you and I would do in virtually every circumstance. But no matter how illogical, no matter how unnatural, no matter what you and I think should be done – God's way always turns out to be so much better than our way. So illogical… so supernatural… yet so much better. I don't know how many times I've prayed for God to solve a problem in a specific way, only to have Him solve the problem – in a completely different and marvelous way that I could never have imagined!

Are you in the middle of an insurmountable problem in your life? Does the situation seem to be impossible? Is there no logical answer? Pray honestly and specifically about the problem. Talk to the Lord like you would your earthly father or mother. Pour out your soul to him. And lay the problem in His hands. Ask Him to solve it in His way, no matter what that is. And let your expectations be unnatural.

from: Take a Minute with Bonnie Ricks, Dogwood Ministries, Inc.

Friday, February 29, 2008

IRM Final Project Guidelines

final project - IRM

- deadline a week before finals
- required outputs
- project document
-create/select a business
- business info, organization info
- business type, charts, business processes
- focus on IT Project/Technology Implemented
to ensure management of information
merits on: cost and efficiency
* create necessary policies and procedures
- project presentation
- project documentation
- gantt charts, status reports and the rest

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Do you see any resemblance?

as i was browsing some of the pictures in my laptop, i saw this picture of my niece during her 4th birthday. anyways, as i look at her pic i suddenly feel that i miss her. she is a sweet yet kinda naughty girl, but she is intelligent and cute like her aunt (hahaha...this is my blog, no one must contradict... :p ) i haven't seen her for quite a long time already because i was busy in school. maybe i should take some time to visit her. i will bring chocolates for her since that is her favorite and maybe i will play with her. :)
do you see any resemblance?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Self-deleting Image Embedded with Fragile Watermark

My thesis group is currently proposing an approach on how an image self-deletes using the embedded fragile watermark on it. The plan is to embed a fragile watermark on a still image or picture and add some codes to the watermark that will call an outside method of self-deleting. When the image is modified or altered, the code in the fragile watermark will call the outside method to self-delete itself, preventing anyone to modify the image. Now, we need to find ways on making it secure and possible. Although we already had the concept, we still need to learn some tricks to make this approach effective and secure. Hope you guys can help us through your comments. Thank you very much!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's all about LOoOoOoOoOve...

The day for all lovers is nearly coming. Most of the people will prepare valentine gifts, start wearing red attractive blouses and t-shirts, arrange lovely roses for their girlfriends or wives, reserve dinner in a very romantic, breathe taking city-top view restaurant, and write chocolate-and-candy sweet letters just to express what they feel. Love is really in the air. But I hope after Feb. 14 many will still continue being a loving and caring partner, and not just a fake lover during valentines... Well, here are some of lovely quotes and a very short story to ponder and inspire your love life...

Do you know that men and women are angels created with only one wing? They need to embrace each other to be able to fly.

Give love a chance to be resolved if it was a problem. Give love a chance to heal if it was a wound. Give love a chance to come back if it was lost. Don't just give up.

"I cry for the times you were almost mine; I cry for the memories you left behind; I cry for the pain, the loss, the old, the new; I cry for those times I thought I had you."

Sweet story...

A girl kept slipping letters in her ex-boyfriend's locker everyday. Hiding herself in the codename "Ms. Incomplete" without giving the guy a clue. The girl closely watches as her ex-bf reads each letter everyday. One day, to the girl's surprise as she was about to slip another letter, she read a note on the guy's locker saying

"Ms. Incomplete, I think I'm falling for you...all over again..."

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

IRM Midterm Slides

from Sir Victor Emmanuel "Bikoy" Hanopol

IRM 278 - Information Resource Management of 3rd yr. BS Information Technology

Monday, February 4, 2008

Una Noche (Spanish of "One Night") by The Corrs with Alejandro Sanz

Here is my favorite spanish song...Una Noche by The Corrs...

Despues de pensar
Despues de ver
A mi dolor andar
Sobre el agua del mar
Tibia claridad
que vi por mi calle pasar
sin saber quhacer
si sentir o pensar
si no que aun hoy
sigo aun, aun hoy
sigo atandome a ti

Alejandro & Andrea:
Aun hoy
Mi amor
te doy
mi cuerpo con alma
se esconde
del sol
de noche se escapa
aun hoy
te doy
mi cuerpo con alma
aun hoy
aun hay

Quesconde la noche
Va a guardar
Entre nosotros dos
o sentir o pensar
Se me llende luz la noche
es porque yo vi nadar
delfines en tu voz
y sentir sin pensar
Aun hoy sigo aun
Aun hoy sigo amndote a ti

Alejandro & Andrea:
Aun hoy, mi amor
Aun hay
Dos cuerpos con alma
Se esconden del sol
De noche se escapan
De noche se dan
Dos cuerpos, dos almas
aun hoy
aun hay

Solo que aun hay sigo a
Aun hoy sigo amandote a ti
Amandote a ti
Aun hoy, mi amor
Aun hay
dos cuerpos con alma
se esconden del sol
De noche se escapan
De noche se dan
los cuerpos, las almas

Aun hoy aun hay
Aun hay...

Download this song for free...Click here...

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shampoo Causes Cancer?


Cancer-causing substance in shampoos. Go home and check your shampoo. Change before it's too late... Check the ingredients listed on your shampoo bottle, and see they have a substance by the name of Sodium Laureth Sulfate, or simply SLS. This substance is found in most shampoos; manufacturers use it because it produces a lot of foam and it is cheap. BUT the fact is, SLS is used to scrub garage floors, and it is very strong!!! It is also proven that it can cause cancer in the long run, and this is no joke. Shampoos that contains SLS: Vo5, Palmolive, Paul Mitchell, L'Oreal, the new Hemp Shampoo from Body Shop etc. contain this substance.

The first ingredient listed (which means it is the single most prevalent ingredient) in Clairol's Herbal Essences is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Therefore, I called one company, and I told them their product contains a substance that will cause people to have cancer. They said, Yeah we knew about it but there is nothing we can do about it because we need that substance to produce foam. By the way Colgate toothpaste also contains the same substance to produce the "bubbles". They said they are going to send me some information.

Research has shown that in the 1980s, the chance of getting cancer is 1 out of 8000 and now, in the 1990s, the chances of getting cancer is 1 out of 3, which is very serious. Therefore, I hope that you will take this seriously and pass this on to all the people you know, and hopefully, we can stop "giving" ourselves cancer-causing agents.

Note: this was passed to me through email...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stylish Yet Affordable Glasses @ Zenni Optical

Want more style? Now, you can get a very trendy eyeglasses at a very low price of $8 on They offer a high quality stylish frame, thin and light 1.57 index lens, anti scratch coating, full UV protection, lens edge polishing and beveling, quality hard eyeglass case, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and full guarantee on all their eyeglasses including their Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. Great Discovery: Zenni Optical and Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical puts one's fashion forward.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Laptop Radiation Awareness

Nowadays, more and more people acquire laptop for educational, office, and entertainment purposes and because of the trend, most teenagers have this device. According to my research, using this literally as “laptop” is really dangerous. Most of the radiation comes from where the hard disk, CPU, RAM, and processor are located. It is extremely dangerous to work with this notebook on the lap since its bottom part emits a very very hazardous radiation. Not only the base part is dangerous, its WIFI Radio Field Radiation that makes us connected to a network is more dangerous than the radiation that the hard disk, CPU, RAM, and processor are emitting. This radiation that we get from our laptop can cause cancer, tumor, and brain dysfunctions. Also, the heat that we get from where we rest our hands while typing is the radiation from the CPU. However, the radiation from the laptop's LCD is lesser than desktop computers.

I recommend all laptop users to prevent putting their notebooks on their lap especially if they will work with it for a long time. Also, don't frequently lay your hands near the keyboard, and use anti-radiation glasses because even though the LCD releases less radiation, it still emits radiation. Most especially, exercise frequently, and eat healthy foods like vegetables; but if you don't like veggies, consume more fruits. All of these help decrease the possibility of acquiring diseases. Stay healthy! Additional information: Cellphones with WIFI emits more radiation than laptop, therefore it is more dangerous to use cellphones than laptop when surfing the internet.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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Monday, January 21, 2008

Operating System class IT 251 Exercise for Jan. 23

Here are the exercise in OS to be pass tomorrow, Jan. 23, 2008
Exercise 14.3.4
Exercise 14.4.5
Exercise 15.2.8

Download here...

Yummy Chocolates

Of course, everybody loves chocolate. This sweet brown cacao-made food is one of my favorite edible things to eat. Chocolate brings some kinda of a happiness to me. It doesn't matter if it's locally made or internationally produced, no candy can beat its deliciousness. Yummy chocolates drives me crazy especially if it has bittersweet taste...

Here's some mouth-watering yummy yummy chocolates...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Earn Money through Blogvertise

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This morning my mom told me to read the thing about my eldest bro’s field trip. I can’t help but cry because I am mad of what I’ve discovered. They permitted him to go and pay the expense. I’m mad because they’ve told us to save our money for the coming April and May because we might have no money since my dad will process some paper for their next project and it might take time. My mom even told us that I and my elder brother might not take our summer classes because of that. And now they’ll spend money for the field trip and I and my elder brother will not take summer. What the hell is this? This is really unfair and I’m really MAD and ANGRY about this matter. I’m not only thinking for myself but I’m also thinking of my elder brother since he is already very late on some of the subjects that he should’ve take long ago.

I really can’t help but to be MAD!!!

Being Dork – Sydney White

This is one of the coolest movies ever. It helps me realize that we all have dorky stuff and we should not be ashamed of it. Instead, we must be true to ourselves and accept our being dork. This will not only make us happy but it will also make people love us. Once we become true to what we feel and act without pretensions, then it will absolutely makes us comfortable leading us to be happy. Also, humbly accepting oneself will make people believe in you. Like Sydney, she doesn’t mind if people will condemn her or not. She just acted the way she really is and become true to herself. And see, in the end, people around her love her so much.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

IM 278 - IRM Research Project

Choose any organization/company, can be an IT company or not at least it has an IT department. Grouping is the same during reporting.

For presentation and written report format download it here.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mariah Carey's Emancipation of Mimi

01. It's Like That (3:25)
02. We Belong Together (3:23)
03. Shake It Off (3:55)
04. Mine Again (4:04)
05. Say Somethin' (featuring Snoop Dogg) (3:46)
06. Stay The Night (3:59)
07. Get Your Number (featuring Jermaine Dupri) (3:18)
08. One And Only (featuring Twista) (3:17)
09. Circles (3:33)
10. Your Girl (2:48)
11. I Wish You Knew (3:37)
12. To The Floor (featuring Nelly) (3:30)
13. Joy Ride (4:06)
14. Fly Like A Bird (3:54)

Free download...Password: CLAYMORE


what's with the world of scandal?

Scandal is an event of wrong-doing, disgrace, or moral outrage which is publicized and damages reputation of the person or organization involved. Classes of scandal are:

  • political scandal
  • sex scandal
  • academic scandal
  • sporting scandal (especially Olympic Games scandal)
(sources: wikipedia and wiktionary)

Scandal is everywhere. One can found it on the internet, school, neighborhood, office, parks, tv shows, government, and anywhere where there is something wrong going on. Most of the time, when people hear the word scandal, they immediately think of a sex scandal. What's with the world today that it is already full of scandals? These are the things that poison the mind of our children. Things now are getting dangerous which makes me think that there is no safe place to live in. But also, for me, scandals also bring good thing because it serve as an eye-opener to the things that we should not do or follow. Children must be guided in order to understand these issues so that they will not be misled.
These scandals brings us to a realization that we are the creators of our own actions and if we are concern of our children's future then we should shift to making good scandals. Example of these is stepping down from your position as a president of a big company in order to help and feed the poor, turning away from your famous school group to join the discussion of human rights violation and how to stop it, anything that will make people think that your doing odd but for the eyes of God its a good way of exercising your being human.

What's the world of scandal for you?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Back-to-Back “I am Legend” and “National Treasure 2 – Book of Secrets”

Two of the latest movies, I am Legend and National Treasure 2, are hitting the box office all over the world. Well, for me, they both rocks!!!

I am Legend

Will Smith plays the survivor Robert Naville from an outbreak which pushes the humanity to the brink of extinction. He is together with his lovely german shepherd, Sam (Samantha), who became the loyal companion of the last man on earth. Together, they fight for survival in order to find cure for the virus. Naville is immune from the virus and Sam is only immune to airborne strain of the virus. (See

I was very sad when in the middle of the movie, Sam died. I felt the pain of being alone. Overall, the movie is very beautiful, sadly, Robert Naville died to defend the cure which he handed over to a Ana who went to the survivors colony. By the way, Ana and Ethan came from Maryland.

National Treasure 2 – Book of Secrets

The hunt for treasure was on in the adventurous movie National Treasure 2. The story was about Ben Gates finding the proof that his great great grandfather is innocent of the assassination of Pres. Lincoln. The treasure that they were looking for will unlock the truth of the past and save the name of the Gates. (see

This movie is a great and fantastic movie since the pieces of history were all stitch up together which makes the movie educational and very unique. You will be amazed to discover that a certain part of our history is related to what happened to another historic place. The movie also introduces a book of secrets which contains the facts behind some controversial subjects, like Area 51 and Watergate.

It really pays to listen very well and be attentive while watching a movie coz you too can be like Ben Gates, linking the objects which molds your life. After watching the two movies, I've discovered that there is something common between these movies. It was not obvious though but maybe you can use it to hide some messages or treasures or use it as a puzzle to a map or even hidden messages in a poem. If you want to know this similarity, you can email me and I'll give you back the answer. (see my profile).

Tnx for visiting.