Friday, March 27, 2009

Money Health

Health is wealth. Most of us now are more concern of their health: exercising, nutritious foods, supplements and vitamins, and healthy lifestyle. But nowadays having this is such a pain on our wallets because to have this HEALTH you must have WEALTH and in order to have this you need payday loans to assist you.

How can you be healthy if you don't have the necessary requirements for it? I suggest this is something that we should invest in. Before having your Nokia 5800, give effort first on your health because you can't be able to utilize your mobile phone to the fullest if you are sick. I'm not saying that you will not spend money for luxury. What I'm saying is that you must prioritize your health before those things; and when you already satisfied the health necessity, then you proceed to the next level of your need, or want.

Need for Cash

I've been wanting to have a Nokia 5800 cellphone. I really love it, and I've been thinking on having a cash advance loan. I need to access this service, although I think that it would be too materialistic on my part but I guess it's not only me who is experiencing this kind of dilemma.

We all know that our world is experiencing a global financial crisis but would it be too selfish of you if you just want a cellphone because your current mobile phone has been with you for about ages? I guess acquiring this loan wouldn't justify that you are selfish. Well, we just have to accept that crisis come and go and we should cope up and live with it. But risking your financial savings for your happiness wouldn't be bad since it is your happiness we are talking about. If having this loan is something you can run with, then I guess it is not bad to have this.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Value for Money

An imprisoned employee...needed Php 80,000 to be released...because of her job, she landed on those must be the employer's responsibility because the employee just did her job, although the nature of the job was illegal...the biggest weight must be on to the employer...but the employee was the one caught...and the employer said that the Php 80,000 will just went to waste if she will be released since she is "JUST" an employee, or to be specific in Filipino term "tindera" (a store seller)...the employer is implying that the money is more valuable than the release of the employee...

but in the end, the employee was discharge because of that "employer's money"...but it was like the last resort, the employer didn't really intended to use her/his money but s/he had no choice...

in realization, it is sad that people who have money becomes inhuman...they would rather spent millions of money for perishable items, like cars, houses, jewelries, than the life of the people around them... :-(

Utilization Drivers

It is such a pain when you bought a gadget only to find out that the installer for drivers was not included. Then, you google it, google it, and google it. But still, no trustworthy site to give you the installer. Some may need to log-in or sign up for an account to avail it. And before you can utilize your gadget, you don't have the drive to actually use it because of your disappointment.

When you bumped in with this kind of problem, like for your HP drivers, you must already know what trusted site to download your gadget drivers. This site will cater you with most of your needed installers so that you don't need to put an effort and so much time looking for those things. They also have Sony drivers if you need it. This doesn't serve laptops or PCs only , but also drivers for the gadgets of that brand.