Saturday, November 22, 2008

Compiz on Intrepid Ibex

I have successfully activated compiz on ubuntu 8.10 that I have and I'm so happy about it. Install it by going to the synaptic manager and choose the one with compiz manager and whoala, 3D animation and other compiz features can now be use by your pc. I really love it. I was also able to change each desktop background on every workspaces, which I found here.

Gmail Theme!

The other day when I was reading my emails, something caught my eye: a red note at the upper left corner of my screen. I became curious when it said about having email themes...and it's the first time I've heard about Gmail I ride on the link and deliver me to the setting. I first tried the candy theme but I was not satisfied so I then tried cherry blossom and I liked it...Compare to yahoo, which monochromatic in themes, Gmail is so awesome to integrate customization of different flavors and likes of the consumer who loves not just the color, but the overall design.

Fast Cash on the Internet!

It is amazing to find an assistance on this virtual world where it is fast and easy; take note, it is a financial assistance which we all need. It is rare to have a borrowed money overnight. Meaning, applying today for loan, tomorrow it will be delivered to you. Whoa! Awesome!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Virtual Bread Assistance

Financial matters are really a headache, especially if it something urgent and we can't call someone to provide if for us. Exploring the internet is good, that's why cash assistance over the virtual world might be a good solution for you.
These helpers would financially be your friend by lending you at the minimum cost of $100! Imagine you don't have allowance for few days because your parents caught up with some strangles and your stomach is shouting for some food or your projects are demanding you to move, and so you need this cash advance to solve your problem. Just fill-up the requirements and your ready to borrow $100-$2,500 overnight. Isn't that awesome? Cash advance overnight will unlock you from your bread chains.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Intrepid Ibex - Ubuntu 8.10

Today, before noon, I have successfully installed Ubuntu 8.10 after trying twice. I used a bootable USB to do it. I then customize the theme into pink one and change the wallpaper and panels...hehe I'm going back again to this nice-than-windows OS because it has plenty of features and advantages than the monopolized one.