Friday, March 27, 2009

Need for Cash

I've been wanting to have a Nokia 5800 cellphone. I really love it, and I've been thinking on having a cash advance loan. I need to access this service, although I think that it would be too materialistic on my part but I guess it's not only me who is experiencing this kind of dilemma.

We all know that our world is experiencing a global financial crisis but would it be too selfish of you if you just want a cellphone because your current mobile phone has been with you for about ages? I guess acquiring this loan wouldn't justify that you are selfish. Well, we just have to accept that crisis come and go and we should cope up and live with it. But risking your financial savings for your happiness wouldn't be bad since it is your happiness we are talking about. If having this loan is something you can run with, then I guess it is not bad to have this.

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