Sunday, January 27, 2008

Laptop Radiation Awareness

Nowadays, more and more people acquire laptop for educational, office, and entertainment purposes and because of the trend, most teenagers have this device. According to my research, using this literally as “laptop” is really dangerous. Most of the radiation comes from where the hard disk, CPU, RAM, and processor are located. It is extremely dangerous to work with this notebook on the lap since its bottom part emits a very very hazardous radiation. Not only the base part is dangerous, its WIFI Radio Field Radiation that makes us connected to a network is more dangerous than the radiation that the hard disk, CPU, RAM, and processor are emitting. This radiation that we get from our laptop can cause cancer, tumor, and brain dysfunctions. Also, the heat that we get from where we rest our hands while typing is the radiation from the CPU. However, the radiation from the laptop's LCD is lesser than desktop computers.

I recommend all laptop users to prevent putting their notebooks on their lap especially if they will work with it for a long time. Also, don't frequently lay your hands near the keyboard, and use anti-radiation glasses because even though the LCD releases less radiation, it still emits radiation. Most especially, exercise frequently, and eat healthy foods like vegetables; but if you don't like veggies, consume more fruits. All of these help decrease the possibility of acquiring diseases. Stay healthy! Additional information: Cellphones with WIFI emits more radiation than laptop, therefore it is more dangerous to use cellphones than laptop when surfing the internet.



CSSeductor said...

hey very suggestive post iĺl take care, but while i will crack the nebor wireless conection, is more safull than hothing ç

Charles said...

Do some research from reputable sites before you post something like this. Youtube does not count.

The truth is that the only real danger from laptops are the Wifi card installed in it (and we're blasted waves in that frequency almost non-stop 24/7) and heat.