Saturday, February 23, 2008

Do you see any resemblance?

as i was browsing some of the pictures in my laptop, i saw this picture of my niece during her 4th birthday. anyways, as i look at her pic i suddenly feel that i miss her. she is a sweet yet kinda naughty girl, but she is intelligent and cute like her aunt (hahaha...this is my blog, no one must contradict... :p ) i haven't seen her for quite a long time already because i was busy in school. maybe i should take some time to visit her. i will bring chocolates for her since that is her favorite and maybe i will play with her. :)
do you see any resemblance?


rose said...

ang cute naman ng pic ng niece mo sis. Btw im just curious who that girl on the pic above the pic of your niece. its that you ba ang cute u naman.

by the way bloghopping lang sis take care always sis mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

HeLL DweLLerS said...

hmm...ya a little bt resemblance ...hehehehe

Holy Kamote said...

magkamukha nga kayo. you're cute, but your niece is cuter. n_n