Friday, May 15, 2009

My Nokia 5800

Last May 6, 2009 my mom together with my cousin (mano ibarra) and using his credit card, we bought my Nokia 5800, the cellphone i really really want and which i crave for how many months. and to avoid too much spending, this serves as my parents graduation gift for me. it’s a touch screen cell phone, nokia’s version of iphone.

btw, when we bought it last May 6, the next day i returned it to the dealer since the screen has a tiny non-functional “spectacle”, a pixel which stays green. i was anxious to get it that same day but God’s plan was for it to stay at the nokia service center for a day and let me rest (i don’t have proper sleep the night i got my cell phone since i was exploring it and all) and answer our PHP exercise ‘coz if ever God let me got my tube on that day i may not be able to sleep early/properly and i may tend not to answer our exercise. God is really great. also through that i befriend the dealer, alvin, who also helped me to activate my e-mailbox and IM on my cell phone (text MMS ON to 3401)

well, i got it the next day and i bought a protective and easy-to-open casing for it and i installed apps and themes to it. i love my cell phone since it is TOUCH SCREEN! and has a cam which has the highest resolution i ever got; there are also cams that has higher resolution than 3.2 MP but this is the highest i ever got! i’ll come to know my cell phone more in the coming weeks, months, and years. chao!

this pic is taken from my cp during metwin's bday on May 9, 2009

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