Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Say on Tracking

Because of our high technology, tracking of people is more easy than before. Now, we have GPS tracking to trace the whereabouts of anyone anywhere.

Well, if tracking someone involves public concern or will bring great effect to the persons involved, they why not track them. If serving for better living is our purpose of using GPS tracking, then I don't see anything wrong on tracking people. Through this, truth will be revealed even it hurts to know it. Truth hurts. But, together with this we will be open for more real one.

Also, if it is for securing our family, then why not put them on the radar. Parents would be happy to know how their children are doing. But people should still respect the privacy of the one they are tracking. For parents, they should talk to their children about this and I'm sure loving parents having loving children would understand each other if this is explained properly.

GPS tracking equipments comes in different forms; even cellphones are use for these. So if you plan on putting people on a radar with good intentions, then go ahead and choose the one that will serve you best.

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